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Dine-Around Programs


  • 200+ restaurants within walking distance of the Convention Center
  • Small or large group options with or without Audio Visual
  • Progressive dining and single location dining
  • Flexible menu options with fixed or tiered pricing
  • Online ticketing for pre-purchase of meals available

About Dine-Around Programs

Team San Jose’s in-house Destination Services team offers a variety of programs designed to enhance the attendee experience for groups. The Dine-Around Programs offer delegates the opportunity to network while dining like a local, from a sampling of a wide range of San Jose’s culinary hot spots. From Vietnamese and Mexican to classic California bistros and Irish pubs, delegates can experience the City’s diversity by way of a global taste bud tour.Two popular dining program models include:

  • Topic Dining – Topics, geographic regions, etc. are assigned to particular restaurants which attendees sign up for or pre-purchase. This allows attendees to qualify those they’re eating with and increase networking potential.
  • Dinner with Strangers – Reservations are made at different restaurants where individual attendees can sign up and either suggest conversation topics or simply meet other attendees. Progressive dining at multiple restaurants and one-stop dining locations are both available.

Team San Jose will make reservations at one of the 200+ restaurants within walking distance of the Convention Center unless additional locations requiring transport are requested. Small groups of up to 10 can usually order from standard menus. TSJ will work with restaurants to design delicious, limited item menus to allow for successful servicing of larger parties.

Online ticketing is available and allows attendees to pre-purchase their meal at specific restaurants offering a multi-course, fixed price menu. One price for each participating restaurant or a tiered pricing structure can be arranged to accommodate diverse groups and budgets.

Additional programs include attendee pub-crawls and progressive happy hours. Destination Services staff are also available to provide assistance with off-site reception and event venue selection and reservations.

For more information and pricing, contact the Visitor Services Manager, Jennifer Aguirre at or 408-792-4559.


City Dine-Around Programs

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